Thailand | Loving Nam Hoo

I slept poorly, as Margaux and I had found a giant cockroach in our bed and were unsure if we succeeded in throwing it out of the window, so it haunted my dreams. We were very nearly late to the morning stretch, as it seems there is never enough time for coffee and bread (four Wonderbread-like slices on a plate each morning, which make us giggle – a bizarre interpretation of American culture). Also the healing (the rubbing of scalding shrubbery... Read More

Thailand | Nam Hoo

After the six hour disaster of a hike here (I injured my wrist quite badly), I am beginning to unravel. I may die a ricey death here, and rice will ooze from my every pore. I want a chair and some chocolate… Everyone is tired, but Sunday was fortunately a day of rest in the village. We woke late (6.45am) and slowly got to breakfast. Pi Toto and Tracy came to check on my wrist, which is hanging in a peculiar position but otherwise not clearly... Read More