Thailand | Adieu

The last couple of days have been nice for resting, and we have been growing closer to the villagers. Grateful for some time to focus on human connections, we have spent hours and hours upon our porch with most of the group. Our Muga brings simosa, dee, and sugar while we laugh and play with the children… I have especially gotten to know Soutira, a younger member of my household, who has asked much about Colorado, explained the family tree,... Read More

Thailand | Hello, Mae Hong Son

As we said goodbye to UHDP (sadly) and purchased woven goods from the little tribal shop, the fog was beginning to life and the warm sun shine. The mornings here are breathtakingly beautiful. It’s sad to leave, but Mae Hong Son awaits. The car ride was long and difficult, full of bumpy roads and winding paths, but the views were amazing. Every now and again, a water buffalo or cow could be seen wandering beside the well-paved street. We stopped... Read More