Thailand | Adieu

The last couple of days have been nice for resting, and we have been growing closer to the villagers. Grateful for some time to focus on human connections, we have spent hours and hours upon our porch with most of the group. Our Muga brings simosa, dee, and sugar while we laugh and play with the children… I have especially gotten to know Soutira, a younger member of my household, who has asked much about Colorado, explained the family tree,... Read More

Thailand | Some Huay Ton Koe Buddhist Fun

As I was too ill to hike here yesterday, I stayed behind with Cory until the afternoon. It seems Huay Hee has gotten a smattering of tourists lately. Two Englishmen stopped by on motorbikes and stopped dead upon seeing me. They ended up buying some dee and rice cakes from Pati Asi, and possibly a CBT meal, but Pi Wasan carted us off before we could tell. The trip was not easy on a sick stomach, and we arrived at about the same time as the rest of... Read More