Thailand | Doi Pui and Living in Huay Hee

We have been in Huay Hee for several days now, enjoying village life and finishing our trail. We have lived with two host families and bid farewell to Tracy and Pi Toto, which was tearful and devastating. We have slowed our pace and nearly all of us have fallen ill by now. However, day-to-day village life has been fantastic. We are finally comfortable and used to our surroundings, though still discovering countless surprises. I am currently residing... Read More

Thailand | Back to Huay Hee!

Today’s rest was bordering on necessary. We were all so very tired and weak. The sounds of babies crying, pigs squealing, and roosters crowing woke Liz and I at 3am, which seems to be the norm in our house. We rested until lunch and then decided to stroll about, which is always quite the workout, considering all of the steep challenges involved. We first went to see Abbey, a year-long student spending her quarter in Huay Hee. The two little girls... Read More

Thailand | Experiencing Huay Hee

  Today was family day, so Katia and I got to spend most of the day with Magu Isa. After the roosters (who are, I may remind you, right underneath us) woke us at 3.30am, we crawled out of bed and joined the family around the fire in the adjoining room. We couldn’t help but gape when she soaked our rice with MSG and picked bugs out of the pot. It was strange to feel so obtrusive and out of place, like unsolicited observers. The son spent his time... Read More

Thailand | Huay Hee Welcomes Us

In the morning, after searching desperately for one last non-rice breakfast, we visited PRLC (Project Recovery Life Culture), which is an NGO that works with northern Thailand in resource management to support hill tribe rights and access to the forests. We then ventured to the Mae Hong Son temple, which sits high on a mountain overlooking the town. Climbing the stairs down provided a priceless view, though the way up is likely to be difficult. Finally,... Read More