Thailand | Karen Museum

Today was mostly spent training in ISDSI headquarters, where panic slowly set in. There are so many challenges ahead, and we are all nervous about this encounter. The year-long students took us to lunch at a local vegetarian place and gave us insights into tribal life. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Karen museum, not for its displays or films, but for its unique perspective. The third floor housed information about the Royal Project of Thailand,... Read More

Thailand | Elephants and Gratongs

Waking up exhausted but excited, Katia and I wandered sleepily downstairs, having barely awoken. After a rather extended breakfast (we are, after all, on “Thai time” now), we headed off to Maesa, an elephant conservation center. While it was fun to experience riding an elephant in the forest, it is naturally a difficult sight to watch. Such is the predicament of the environmentalist, or conscious tourist; after all, you cannot simply release the... Read More

Thailand | Loi Gratang

After a long and tiring journey, we had finally reached our destination: Chiang Mai, a bustling city tucked in the northern hills of Thailand. The pain of endless layovers and airplane sleep seemed suddenly insignificant as the excitement of a new world washed over us. Our eyes now intent on observation, fatigue seemed a distant memory. We took rot-dangs to the guest house, clever wagon-esque devices fashioned out of truck beds. The red machines darted... Read More