TAPIF | Activities to Get Your ESL Students Talking

Prior to my TAPIF experience, I had never taught an ESL course before. Given that I was just coming off of considerable exposure to French courses, I had some ideas and was comfortable with the concept. However, I could have really done with one coherent list of activities that (nearly) always work. Alas, I was stuck with some interesting trial and error. Luckily for you, dear reader,... Read More

TAPIF | Tips on the Application Process

Now that you’ve decided that you want to spend the school year as a language instructor through the Teaching Assistant Program in France, it’s time to submit an application. Applying for TAPIF is much easier than applying for college, and certainly nothing to stress out about. That being said, it is much easier (and less nerve-wracking) to be prepared… The application is... Read More

TAPIF | Choosing to be a Language Assistant in France

“Passant prends le temps sinon il te prend.” (Passerby, take the time. Otherwise, the time will take you.) – Quote painted on a wall near Notre Dame, Metz, France. So, how exactly does one decide to become a language assistant in France anyway? How do know if the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) is the right fit for you? I know that these were questions that I... Read More

TAPIF | What is a language assistant anyway?

This last September, as I sat on the floor of my room, frantically packing the night away in some kind of panicked fit, I experienced a moment that would have been rather comical, had it not occurred some dozens of times in the preceding months. My friends, friends so close that they had gradually become roommates, had been flitting in and out all night long. Eventually, one planted... Read More