Peru | Strikes and Stones – A Terrible Journey to Bolivia

When it was time to leave Arequipa, we had a luxurious rooftop breakfast and headed eagerly to the bus station. Some hours later, we found ourselves in a sad little bus headed toward Puno (and thus Lake Titicaca). The journey had already taken ages and involved frequent/pointless stops, but things were about to get much, much worse. Just as the darkness settled around us, our bus... Read More

Peru | Alapaca in Arequipa = Divine

A few days in Arequipa has been just the ticket for a bit of relaxation and exploration. I have found that time here has flown by, whether we were perusing the enormous market or wandering the city’s pleasant streets. In addition to the cheery ambiance, our hotel, the Colonial House Inn, is the most enjoyable place we’ve stayed at in South America so far, making for... Read More

Peru | Nazca Lines: One Small Plane Later…

The Nazca outing did not have the best start. We almost slept through our stop, and actually did end up being dropped off well outside Nazca, which is, by the way, in the absolute middle of nowhere. So, naturally, we walked to Nazca at the lovely hour of 4am. A series of disasters later, we figured out that it was impossible to find a flight over the Nazca Lines, given the recent... Read More

Peru | At Last, Machu Picchu

We woke before dawn, somewhere around 3:40 in the morning, to get ready and leave our bag in storage, then queue up at the bus line to the Machu Picchu park. As the buses didn’t start running until 5am (well after the sun comes up in Peru), we had quite a wait, but were soon standing eagerly at the park entrance. Once through the gates, we ushered ourselves past the first... Read More

Peru | Loving Cusco

For the Incas, Cusco was considered the navel of the world, and I can truly see why. What Cusco lacks in cleanliness and structure, it surely makes up for through charisma – the city is a bustling cluster of energy and friendliness, certain to make even the most experienced traveler excited. We are continuously awed by the variety of architecture and beauty of the valley... Read More