Bolivia | Accidently in Argentina

The journey to La Paz from Copacabana is easy enough, with frequent departures from the only major intersection in town. You do, however, have to ford the lake, Oregon Trail-style, as there’s no bridge connecting the two parts of the country. We had to get out of the minibus and watch as it floated across the most narrow stretch of Lake Titicaca, then take a separate boat... Read More

Bolivia | The Copacabana Side to Lago Titicaca

Our first few days in Bolivia were based in Copacabana, a cheery town on the grand Lake Titicaca. Even if it runs on tourism, it is undeniably pleasant. We settled in a shabby little hostel with a pretty courtyard and dined in little local eateries (not without difficulty – they are tough to find) that laid out multi-course set lunches of Bolivian staples. Happily, we caught... Read More

Peru | Strikes and Stones – A Terrible Journey to Bolivia

When it was time to leave Arequipa, we had a luxurious rooftop breakfast and headed eagerly to the bus station. Some hours later, we found ourselves in a sad little bus headed toward Puno (and thus Lake Titicaca). The journey had already taken ages and involved frequent/pointless stops, but things were about to get much, much worse. Just as the darkness settled around us, our bus... Read More