Argentina | Ushuaia: Welcome to the World’s End

It was a beautiful flight here, but the arrival was less than stellar – a steady drizzle of cold, sharp rain made walking around town unpleasant, and prices made desirable accommodation most difficult to find. Luckily, we have found an absolute winner: Torre Al Sur. Though it’s a bit further from the commercial center of town, we both love the hostel’s atmosphere, complete... Read More

Chile | Torres Del Paine – Yet Another Border Crossing

El Calafate is a great place to explore all kinds of sights, from Perito Moreno to the icy plains of Patagonia. It’s also an “easy” hopping off point to the nearby Torres del Paine, though this requires a border crossing with Chile. Given the fame of Torres del Paine’s beauty and pinnacles, it seemed a necessary trip. The easiest method of getting to the park is by signing... Read More

Bolivia | The Copacabana Side to Lago Titicaca

Our first few days in Bolivia were based in Copacabana, a cheery town on the grand Lake Titicaca. Even if it runs on tourism, it is undeniably pleasant. We settled in a shabby little hostel with a pretty courtyard and dined in little local eateries (not without difficulty – they are tough to find) that laid out multi-course set lunches of Bolivian staples. Happily, we caught... Read More

Peru | At Last, Machu Picchu

We woke before dawn, somewhere around 3:40 in the morning, to get ready and leave our bag in storage, then queue up at the bus line to the Machu Picchu park. As the buses didn’t start running until 5am (well after the sun comes up in Peru), we had quite a wait, but were soon standing eagerly at the park entrance. Once through the gates, we ushered ourselves past the first... Read More

Tibet | What a World

Tibet is one place I never imagined I would see. It’s cold, high, and mostly inpenetrable – not to mention occupied by heavy military forces and difficult to travel to. And yet, here we are, surrounded by Mars-like vistas and snowy peaks. It’s truly another world here, more isolated than most of the planet, and bizarre in landscape. Few colors contribute to the... Read More

India | The Taj Greets Us

In this strange land, we have seen so much. Granted, India has probably been the biggest traveling challenge of our lives; it’s dirty, chaotic, and difficult to maneuver. Firstly, I will freely admit that I find walking around in India to be quite exhausting, for you must watch yourself from all directions to avoid cows, pickpockets, sewer water, feces, tripping, rickshaws,... Read More

Java | I’ll Call You a Horse – Borobudur

We are sleeping on the grounds of Borobudur, taking a break from roughing it by staying at a really nice hotel with full amenities and really great staff. Woke at 3:30am to climb Borobudur before sunrise – I think I even fell asleep a bit. How many people can say that? The sunrise was fantastic, and the surrounding nature breathtaking. There were hardly any people on the premises... Read More

Italy | Il Castello Sforzesco

I have been to Milan’s castle more than most Milanese. (After all, you don’t often visit the tourist attractions of your own city.) It really is quite ancient, which is plain from the crumbling brick and fervent dedication to maintenance – it is a strangely clean place for Milan standards. My favorite part is not the Filarete tower or the museums inside, it is the general... Read More

Italy | Milan’s Pride: Il Duomo

“Fra le tue pietre a le tue nebbie faccio villeggiatura. Mi riposo in Piazza del Duomo. Invece si stelle ogni sera si accendono parole. Nulla riposa della vita come la vita.” — Umberto Saba, 1934 (“I am vacationing amidst your bricks and fog. I relax in the Cathedral Square. Words, not stars, illuminate each night. There is nothing more relaxing in life than... Read More

Thailand | Doi Pui and Living in Huay Hee

We have been in Huay Hee for several days now, enjoying village life and finishing our trail. We have lived with two host families and bid farewell to Tracy and Pi Toto, which was tearful and devastating. We have slowed our pace and nearly all of us have fallen ill by now. However, day-to-day village life has been fantastic. We are finally comfortable and used to our surroundings,... Read More