Thailand | Parting Ways with SE Asia

Ayutthaya was wonderful for its history; the city is built practically on top of the old one, full of countless temples and beauties. Not to mention, Joshua found himself a kitty cat, which he is seriously thinking about stealing, as she is the most playful and wonderful little thing. We rented a motorbike and explored the countless temples, including the well known Wat Phra Mahathat,... Read More

Thailand | Khao Yai – and Wild Elephants!

We are practically in the middle of nowhere, in a lovely way – on safari! Jungle safari, that is. After several buses and tuk-tuks out of Siem Reap, we are in Khao Yai National Park, near Pak Chong, where elephants and leopards roam.In fact, we have had the wonderful opportunity to see all kinds of wild animals, thanks to Greenleaf Guesthouse, which has provided us with ample... Read More

Thailand | “The Biggest of All the Bangs” — Bangkok

Having just finished Richard Haliburton’s account of his adventures through this great city, our arrival here is fitting. We rather stubbornly refused to reboard the train, especially after having been told it is one third of the time and price to take the bus (though we did have a bit of an adventure trying to find the right one in the first place), and so entered Bangkok... Read More

Thailand | Oasis Greets Us

When planning this trip, I decided to take a somewhat unusual route and base most of my research from blog sites and traveler tales, not guide books. Thus, I found myself entranced by many websites, but was particularly struck by an entry in the Backpack Foodie blog, which raved about a secret, wonderful spot hidden in Thailand. I immediately wrote to Daniel, the blog owner, begging... Read More

Thailand | Adieu

The last couple of days have been nice for resting, and we have been growing closer to the villagers. Grateful for some time to focus on human connections, we have spent hours and hours upon our porch with most of the group. Our Muga brings simosa, dee, and sugar while we laugh and play with the children… I have especially gotten to know Soutira, a younger member of my household,... Read More

Thailand | Some Huay Ton Koe Buddhist Fun

As I was too ill to hike here yesterday, I stayed behind with Cory until the afternoon. It seems Huay Hee has gotten a smattering of tourists lately. Two Englishmen stopped by on motorbikes and stopped dead upon seeing me. They ended up buying some dee and rice cakes from Pati Asi, and possibly a CBT meal, but Pi Wasan carted us off before we could tell. The trip was not easy on... Read More

Thailand | Doi Pui and Living in Huay Hee

We have been in Huay Hee for several days now, enjoying village life and finishing our trail. We have lived with two host families and bid farewell to Tracy and Pi Toto, which was tearful and devastating. We have slowed our pace and nearly all of us have fallen ill by now. However, day-to-day village life has been fantastic. We are finally comfortable and used to our surroundings,... Read More

Thailand | Back to Huay Hee!

Today’s rest was bordering on necessary. We were all so very tired and weak. The sounds of babies crying, pigs squealing, and roosters crowing woke Liz and I at 3am, which seems to be the norm in our house. We rested until lunch and then decided to stroll about, which is always quite the workout, considering all of the steep challenges involved. We first went to see Abbey, a... Read More

Thailand | Huay Koong – Buddhist World

Yesterday was our arrival into Huay Koong, which was an easy hike down, though slowed by our forest transect. The river is our only solace here, as the village seems rather unfriendly on the whole. Thus, we go swimming as often as possible and the water is clear and crisp. It is hard to form relationships with the villagers, despite being so excited to see a Buddhist village.   When... Read More

Thailand | Loving Nam Hoo

I slept poorly, as Margaux and I had found a giant cockroach in our bed and were unsure if we succeeded in throwing it out of the window, so it haunted my dreams. We were very nearly late to the morning stretch, as it seems there is never enough time for coffee and bread (four Wonderbread-like slices on a plate each morning, which make us giggle – a bizarre interpretation of... Read More