Java | Farewell, Yogya

After wandering Yogyakarta for days and experiencing the bus rides among other things, we have come to the conclusion that Yogya is a lovely place – full of delicious food, kind people, and charm. On the way to the Sultan’s palace, we chatted with a super friendly security guard, who pointed us in the direction of the Batik Art Studio. Naturally, we got lost on the way.... Read More

Java | I’ll Call You a Horse – Borobudur

We are sleeping on the grounds of Borobudur, taking a break from roughing it by staying at a really nice hotel with full amenities and really great staff. Woke at 3:30am to climb Borobudur before sunrise – I think I even fell asleep a bit. How many people can say that? The sunrise was fantastic, and the surrounding nature breathtaking. There were hardly any people on the premises... Read More

Java | Yogya Buses = Fun, Prambanan = Pretty

We had a dodgy time getting here, but Yogyakarta (pronounced, and often spelled, “Jogjakarta”) is undeniably charming, as expected. The Indonesian people are incredibly nice and helpful, always telling us when to get off buses and pointing the right direction. Despite extreme exhaustion and intense heat, we decided to venture to the Prambanan temples, which were well worth the... Read More

Java | Advice for Indonesian Paradise

My travel partner, Nate, and I spent a month in Java and Bali, the maximum they would allow us to stay with our on-arrival visas. We flew into Jakarta from Singapore and found it really easy to catch a bus into the city center… There are (much more expensive) cabs all over the place, but we asked around and found a bus for a few cents. I think it was around the Jalan Sultan... Read More