Angkor | Overwhelmed, Humbled

Angkor is a funny thing. You go there because you want to connect with the mysteries of this earth, see the grandeur of these famous towers, and absorb a sense of history, time, place. Granted, this is somewhat delivered, but comes with a sharp price, for you are not alone at Angkor. In fact, you are one of thousands: a target. You cannot take but two steps without being hassled... Read More

SE Asia | Advice on Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia

Vietnam was fantastic.  I didn’t hear a single good thing about Vietnam before I got there; seriously, every single person I talked to had bad things to say. So, I had very low expectations going in, and when our bus driver missed our stop in Hue and let us out on the side of the road 9 miles outside the city on a busy highway, I was ready to believe all the bad hype. But... Read More