Malaysia | Hello to Allah

Our first day in Kuala Lumpur was not exactly glamourous: bus stations, horrible accomodations, hunger, and the quest for laundry services kept us rather busy.

Opting to rest a bit, we did remain here far too long, especially for how little we liked the place, and our hotel, which was praised in guidebooks and blogs, but proved to be a horrifying disappointment. The Petronas Towers, while impressively forged, are not enough to make up for the heat, filth, chaos, and general lack of charm. KL is overpriced, and overrated. We rapidly moved on to Kuala Terengganu, which is a very, very Muslim town. Thus, we have adapted the pattern of sleeping and waking early, much like our Yogya experience. The call to prayer is beautiful as ever, and the food has taken a major upturn from KL — there is even a boba Taiwanese place down the street from our room, and a rooftop cafe upstairs. Unfortunately, this is not the most welcoming of towns, and we are stared at more than spoken to. The heat is also wearing on us; we will certainly invest in air conditioning at our next stop…

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