Java | I’ll Call You a Horse – Borobudur

We are sleeping on the grounds of Borobudur, taking a break from roughing it by staying at a really nice hotel with full amenities and really great staff. Woke at 3:30am to climb Borobudur before sunrise – I think I even fell asleep a bit. How many people can say that?

The sunrise was fantastic, and the surrounding nature breathtaking. There were hardly any people on the premises until they opened the gates at 6:00, giving us plenty of time to explore and take pictures before the crowds swarmed in. We meandered about the stoic buddhas and took in the scenery. It was everything I had ever imagined: golden, gorgeous, and full of character. We could have stayed up top for hours, if it were not for the settling heat and people trickling in. The town of Borobudur is also cute, offering plenty of delish street food and neat spots to walk around. Our stay was very pleasant.

When inquiring about our return to Yogya at reception, the concierge said we could take a rickshaw, but then finally insisted that he would “call us a horse.” So, there we waited, packs and all, until our horse arrived to cart us away, just like 1910. Amazing.

Tip: Do the sunrise tour; the place becomes a total zoo after early morning. If you don’t want to shell out the extra cash, get there at 6. Also, try the fried whatsits just outside the gate – I have no idea what’s actually in them, but they are delightful.

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  1. Bali says:

    Very nice pictures.
    How did you enter before the opening?

    • ciaourte says:

      If you stay at the hotel on the grounds, the Manohara, you can easily book a sunrise tour with them. They book tours for visitors not staying with them, but it is more expensive…

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