Java | Farewell, Yogya

After wandering Yogyakarta for days and experiencing the bus rides among other things, we have come to the conclusion that Yogya is a lovely place – full of delicious food, kind people, and charm.

On the way to the Sultan’s palace, we chatted with a super friendly security guard, who pointed us in the direction of the Batik Art Studio. Naturally, we got lost on the way. Luckily, a gent began walking with us, striking up a conversation randomly by saying, “Hello, it’s hot today. I work in a market…” And then he took us right to the studio’s doorstep, where we were welcomed by one of the artists, who let us watch some of the students creating batik, which is a lengthy process involving several steps of wax application, dying, and washing. The artist, in turn, pointed us to a local eatery, which did the trick. We met a few more locals, perused the markets, then cooled off in our hotel pool. We dined with our new Swedish friends, Sofia and Johan, at a cute restaurant called Laba Laba, which proved delicious. The Hawaiian chicken salad, which comes artfully arranged in a pineapple, is particularly exceptional, as is the chicken satay, which is one of the regional dishes. Also, Josh managed to get attacked by bats in our hotel hallway, which is actually outside. After annoying the little creatures with several flash pictures, they swooped down upon him and Johan, causing quite the panic. We already miss Yogya…

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