Italy | Io, il Destino, e L’Arco della Pace

Despite trying to embrace “la dolce far niente,” I incessantly set out about Il Parco Sempione with a very intentional quest: my long awaited first viewing of the Arco della Pace, which has been covered for quite some time, including the duration of my stay the first time around. In fact, some guide books even feature its masked image in lieu of an older one, and you can’t even sneak a peek through satellite. Having studied this structure both in class and in my own Milan-infused literature, I had long awaited the day when I could finally see its immense magnificence. Construction on the Arco began in 1806 under Napoleon I and halted with Napoleon’s 1826 defeat at Waterloo. It was, however, completed in 1838 by Francesco Pererelli on the 10th of September.

Throughout this particular visit to Milan, it had remained frustratingly veiled in its white shroud, even in the face of my continuous and demanding visits (though I cannot remember how, I did know that it was supposed to be unraveled before long). Then, one bright and luminous afternoon, I was absentmindedly on the way to dine with my former Italian professor who had selected a cute little restaurant near Corso Sempione called Omelette e Baguette. As Corso Sempione starts gracefully at the Arco, I chose to stroll the scenic route through the park. As I walked towards the Arco, I noticed it was slightly uncovered – then, as I inched closer, even more so. I stopped in absolute disbelief — the Arco della Pace was literally being unpeeled before my very eyes! How very remarkable!

The chance of these events lining up so faultlessly was so insanely unthinkable, so seemingly impossible, that I dare any optimist to not consider providence.

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  1. greg urbano says:

    looks like the one in paris right?

  2. ciaourte says:

    Indeed, it was originally initiated to celebrate Napoleon’s victories and is thus very similar to the Arc de Triomphe – a popular comparison. This one, however, is in a calm park with few tourists :)

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