Italy | Verona, Full of Surprises

Having heard fabulous things about Verona, a place which I had not even initially planned on visiting, I decided that this was the place to go for a short little side trip from Milan. Just hours away by train, Verona greeted us with a teary disposition, as it had been raining for hours; nothing unusual in the north, mind you. Despite conditions, we wandered to the coliseum, expecting something very bare. What stood before us, however, was pure grandeur. Whats more, it was not nearly as crowded as the Roman one, which may dwarf our newfound treasure, but lacks its personal charm. We left with smiles on our faces, in search of refuge, which came in the form of a very nouveau caffé that boasted delicious croissants and espresso.

We then wandered down the quaint streets in search of Juliet’s house, which is the alleged site of Shakespeare’s inspiration. Though obviously an elaborate fable, the house still provides the tourist with plenty of photographic opportunities, including the wall coated almost entirely with gum, and a small but amiable museum.

Forget what you know – here, it’s all about love.

After Romeo and Juliet, we meandered aimlessly around the city, which resulted in the discovery of random churches and pretty, if simple, buildings. We were soon starving, and dug into some delicious local cuisine at a restaurant tucked in the local square. This meal was life changing. Joshua ordered the most astounding lime ricotta ravioli, which tasted like heaven dust. The meal was topped off with the region’s tiramisu, which was indescribable. Possibly the most perfect dessert bite of my life.

We let the dark fall on us and strolled around the square before boarding our evening train. On the whole, Verona is a very pleasing city, enjoyed even in the dreariest of weather. I would highly recommend a trip here, especially if the season is a little off, so you and the locals can hog its delights sans distraction.

Tip: Look for the swirls in the coliseum’s stone steps – there are quite a few, and we could not tell how they got there or why. Also, look for bronze Juliet’s right breast to be a little worn; it is tradition to rub it so one can become lucky in love.

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