Italy | Milan, Discover Something New

Il Cimitero Monumentale (The Monumental Cemetery) greets us with the The Famedio, a fantastically symmetric structure, characteristic of Neo-Medieval styles, adorned with horizontal stripes and beautiful stones. Designed by Carlo Maciachini, this building opened in 1866 and holds the tomb of Allessandro Manzoni, in addition to many other famous Italians. While this is not the merriest place in Milan, it is certainly worth a visit…

An elaborate maze of buildings, sculptures, and gardens, il Cimitero Monumentale sits near the heart of the city. It is practically a free museum, crammed full of pieces worthy of marble halls. The sculptures and buildings tell an animated history of Milan, from Realism to the contemporary age. One can truly wander around for hours, a highly recommended treat. You may even discover a new part of yourself; there is the distinct feel of the otherworld in the air.

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