Italy | Il Castello Sforzesco

I have been to Milan’s castle more than most Milanese. (After all, you don’t often visit the tourist attractions of your own city.) It really is quite ancient, which is plain from the crumbling brick and fervent dedication to maintenance – it is a strangely clean place for Milan standards. My favorite part is not the Filarete tower or the museums inside, it is the general ambiance, and the tucked away courtyards, inevitably empty as soon as the day’s light begins fading. The red brick walls remind me of old Lithuanian castles, rustic and warm. Admission to the castle is free, making it a nice way to walk to the park. If the weather permits, bikers can be found circling the castle’s square frame along the circular road surrounding its lawns.

Our schooling host, IES, organized an optional night tour of the castle early on in the semester, something we were all quick to jump on. If possible, I would highly recommend this option, as the guide lets you through secret tunnels and into tiny, obscure castle rooms. Also, you can play with the antique weaponry and see pretty views of Milan at night. It was a really lovely experience, and there is much to do in the area. During the warmer months, you can buy gelato and other treats by the main fountain, or wander il Parco Sempione. One of the best parts about the Castello’s location is that a short, straight walk later, you are at the feet of the Duomo and have passed beside many cute cafes, trolleys, and newsstands.

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  1. Katie says:

    I love your blog! ;)
    And, I’ve been to this lovely place in your picture. Reminds me of our time together in Italia! :)

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