Thailand | Nam Hoo

After the six hour disaster of a hike here (I injured my wrist quite badly), I am beginning to unravel. I may die a ricey death here, and rice will ooze from my every pore. I want a chair and some chocolate…
Everyone is tired, but Sunday was fortunately a day of rest in the village. We woke late (6.45am) and slowly got to breakfast. Pi Toto and Tracy came to check on my wrist, which is hanging in a peculiar position but otherwise not clearly broken. Luckily, our Muga, Magu Pwela,  is a medicine woman of sorts, and took some time in concocting a strange herbal rub. Margaux and I are rooming together this time, and we got much closer over the day. Since the village seemed to be participating in a long ceremony, we spent much time gathered in the sala reading and writing. Margaux and I are saddened by the skinny cats that never got fed (other than 4 grains of rice on occasion) or loved, despite cuddling at every opportunity.
Today is our first trail building day, and I felt rather useless for the most part. I had five tasks: 1) Clear leaves, rubble, etc., 2) Serve as motivational force, 3) Cover up unwanted trail sections with bamboo, etc., 4) Brace others, namely Cory, via an anchoring bamboo system, and 5) Serve as “lab rat” and walk up and down slopes. If the area failed the Urte test, i.e. I slipped and fell down, it was quickly repaired. These will likely become regular jobs, as my hand has swollen rather significantly and was mostly immobile.

Best advice if you want to move here?

Marry a Karen.

Why it’s worth it:

  • Smiling faces
  • New friends
  • Seeing nature at its best
  • Seeing the other side of the world
  • Being pushed beyond my comforts
  • Appreciation
  • Learning about myself and others
  • Getting stronger
  • Being surprised
  • Being a minority
  • Discovering new muscles
  • Having fun
  • Discovering new pockets in my bag
  • Letting go
  • Giving vanity a break
  • Waking to a pretty, early morning
  • Bonding without words
  • Seeing a place not many do
  • Being inspired


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