Thailand | Huay Hee Welcomes Us

In the morning, after searching desperately for one last non-rice breakfast, we visited PRLC (Project Recovery Life Culture), which is an NGO that works with northern Thailand in resource management to support hill tribe rights and access to the forests. We then ventured to the Mae Hong Son temple, which sits high on a mountain overlooking the town. Climbing the stairs down provided a priceless view, though the way up is likely to be difficult. Finally, our real adventure begins.

We got in some rot-dangs and enjoyed a trip into Huay Hee, our first Karen village. It was probably dangerous, but the cracked dirt road provided material for endless laughter as we were thrown violently around the vehicle, sometimes coming quite close to being tossed out the other end. Upon arrival, we found that our professors had completely abandoned us, so we tried to communicate and eventually found ourselves ushered into a bamboo pavilion where a hilarious Karen woman lit a fire for us (quite easily, I may add). Eventually, we were reunited and assigned host families in pairs. Katia and I are living with Magu Isa, who thinks we are endlessly silly and loves pictures, English words, and seeing us laugh. Our bamboo dwelling is made of two separated rooms: a kitchen/sleeping space and a guest room/kids space where we sleep. The animals are under the hut, which will likely make for an interesting morning. Remarkably, there is a TV by our beds, so there were groups of village children huddled inside watching bizarre American game shows in Thai. We shared chocolate and pictures before going to the group meeting and falling asleep under the lacy mosquito nets. A very full day.

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