Thailand | Back to Huay Hee!

Today’s rest was bordering on necessary. We were all so very tired and weak. The sounds of babies crying, pigs squealing, and roosters crowing woke Liz and I at 3am, which seems to be the norm in our house. We rested until lunch and then decided to stroll about, which is always quite the workout, considering all of the steep challenges involved. We first went to see Abbey, a year-long student spending her quarter in Huay Hee. The two little girls from our family followed us there. Unfortunately, the younger took a horrifying tumble after being pushed aside. Her little body crinkled and folded as she teetered off of the stairs. When I lifted her, blood was streaming from her mouth. The Mugas washed her and ran off to find the coagulant plant that we had been shown on our transect hike. It worked remarkably fast. I dashed off to find the first aid kit, but found that it was not very helpful in the face of this injury. An ironic Western medicine moment later, I handed the child a piece of gauze as the other women stared. Mostly, Liz and I were astonished that she had only cried for a mere few seconds. An American child of her age would have cried endlessly.

Liz and I wandered down to the sala to write and nipnap with some of the group before we all met to go over the schedule. Cory was sick, so our discussion was postponed. Sierra and I repainted the CBT sign. I followed Katia home, as she was not feeling very well. It is a strange point in the journey. We are so happy and appreciative to be here, but are beginning to become homesick, often delirious in our desires for familiar food and family. It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly Christmas. After the recurring heat strokes yesterday, “Silent Night” could be heard, much like the many song-filled afternoons. It seems especially out of place when I imagine my friends and family preparing for the season ahead, shopping, cooking, and hanging Christmas lights. Went to bed at 7:45pm.

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  1. Liz says:

    Urte! I love this picture and I miss that family. And I totally remember that little girl falling off the stairs.
    I miss Thailand, I’m happy you were able to make it back there.
    When are you coming back to the States?
    Much love,

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